Our hearts are full because of the following people.
They showed up to support not only this project, but an extension of this project. With their help, Omiokun Books and Darius Daughtry will create curriculum for teachers, donate books to schools and host creative writing workshops for students in underserved communities. We want to get the book in the hands of students who can relate to Darius' poems and teachers who are using art to encourage and inspire students - particularly in communities that can most use the support.
Thank you!
Akilah Gibbs
Alexander Starr
Alicia Picardi
Andrea Downing
Anthony Harris
Ashley Michelle Jones
Brittany Landon
Caron Spencer
Chauncell Wynn-Elliott
Christene Carr
Cousin Dajah
Daniel Smith
Darlene Williams
Deryk Davidson
Elyse Rosenberg
Gabriela Martinez
Joseph Long
Kahlilah Adams
Katy Brand
Kim Fredrick-Black
Lakeisha Frith
Latraivia Cowart
Leiland Theriot
Lily Medina
Lisa E. Durant
Lisa Johnson
Lyneise Rachelle
Michelle Cuartas
R. Falberg
Reina Bowens
Robin L. Tisdahl
Sara Pierce
Shana Silas
Sheri Hickson
Star Danzy
Susan Vineta, DC
T Cheeks
Tina Bernard
Triccilla Brown

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